GOYA Youth Advisory Board

The Youth Advisory Board acts as a communication forum where we bring the GOYA youth groups together for Jr. GOYA and Sr. GOYA. The board works under the direction of the Youth Director & Priest and assists with developing and monitoring all youth activities. This board includes GOYA parents, Holy Trinity youth program coordinators (athletic & social events), and a parish council representative. All are welcome to join and help. This can be a fun way to get involved with the Church and their youth activities.


President—Angelina Christodoulias
Co-Vice Presidents—Floriana Boardman and Chrysoula Xyrafakis
Co-Secretaries—Thomas Koufaliotis and Maria Kastanas

Facebook Name: “Holy Trinity Charlotte GOYA”

“The mission of the Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA) is to provide 6th through 12th graders the opportunity for fellowship, service, witness and worship with one another, and with other GOYA members throughout the Holy Metropolis of Atlanta, and from across the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, using the organizational guidelines provided by the Holy Archdiocese, so they may grow in wisdom and knowledge, hope and faith in Jesus Christ, and in love for Christ, His Church, and everyone around them.

GOYA activities include religious retreats and worship, service to the parish, community witness opportunities; athletic activities, and social programs.

GOYA activities include religious retreats and worship available through the Diakonia Center (Salem, SC) of the Holy Metropolis of Atlanta, [e.g. St. Stephen’s Summer Camp; Sr. Week; Advent and Lenten Retreats] and at the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Charlotte, NC [e.g. Altar Boy Retreats; GOYA Paraklesis services (Dormition Fast); Lenten Retreat]; the Hellenic Dance Festival (Jan); philanthropic donations [e.g. Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC); International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC); St. Basil’s Academy; Orthodox Christian Network; Loaves and Fishes; Christmas Shoeboxes; Battered Women’s Shelter]; service projects [e.g. Annual Yiasou Festival 5k-Run; FOCUS North America; Project Mexico; Habitat-for-Humanity; visits to shut-ins, retirement and nursing homes through Christmas caroling; feeding the poor and homeless]; social events [summer beach trip; day hikes; church lock-ins; pizza night; pool & ice cream party; dinner-&-a-movie night; fireside chats]; athletic events [e.g. Open Gym Nights; Winter Youth Rally (Christmas Break), ski trip; parish dodge-ball and volleyball tournaments; Richmond Basketball Tournament; Holy Trinity Soccer (fall and spring leagues)]; and fundraisers [e.g. Yiasou Festival GOYA Youth Booth; Annual Youth Stewardship Fundraising Banquet (Oct); bake sales; car washes; annual Christmas Tree & Wreath sale (Dec); Palm Sunday luncheon (spring)].”

HOPE / JOY Advisory Board

The HOPE/JOY Advisory Board acts as a communication forum where we bring the HOPE/JOY youth groups together. The board works under the direction of the Youth Director & Priest and assists with developing and monitoring all HOPE/JOY activities. This board includes HOPE/JOY parents. Parents are welcome to join and help. This can be a fun way to get involved with the Church and their youth activities.


John Georgopoulos

The Hellenic Orthodox Primary Education (HOPE) and Junior Orthodox Youth (JOY) programs are for pre-kindergarten (3 years old) to sixth grade-aged Orthodox Christian children. Children participate in a variety of fun religious activities throughout the year. Annual activities include summer Vacation Church Camp (Bible School), and the Hellenic Summer Experience, which focuses on aspects of Hellenic culture, life, and religion.

Athletics Programs
Basketball (Grades 2nd – 12th)

  • Registration starts first week of October
  • Practices start first week of November
  • Fees: $125/member

Soccer (4 year olds – 12th grade)

Spring Registration:

  • Starts first week of January (Deadline Jan 31st)
  • Practices begin March
  • Fees: $75 / member

Fall Registration:

  • Starts first week of July (Deadline July 31st)
  • Practices begins the weekend after the Yiasou Festival
  • Fees: $75 / member

YAL (Young Adult League)

Website : www.charlotteyal.com
Facebook Name: “YAL Charlotte, Holy Trinity”

“The mission of our Young Adult League (YAL) ministry is to cultivate relationships among our young adults (aged 18-35), while striving together for the fullness of the Orthodox Christian faith, through attainment of the image and likeness of God (Theosis), by practicing the four circles of Christian living: Worship (Liturgia), Witness (Martyria), Service (Diakonia) and Fellowship (Koinonia).

The YAL regularly hosts social gatherings, community service projects, religious retreats which are listed in the church bulletin. The major activities of the YAL include participating and supporting the youth ministries of our Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral (i.e. just donated $10,000 to help underwrite the new basketball floor in Fr. C Hall); hosting one officers meeting and one social meeting per month; hosting the Annual Basketball Convention held on Columbus Day Weekend, that attracts more than 350 participants from throughout the eastern seaboard; the annual Yiasou Festival 5K-Run, attracting more than 1000 runners from throughout the Charlotte area; participating in a minimum of three volunteer service projects per year (e.g. Project Mexico, Habitat for Humanity, and FOCUS North America’s Operation Appalachia); Also in the works include an annual beach trip; ski trip, a retreat to the Diakonia center, and more. There is no membership fee to join and everyone in this age group is considered a member in good standing as long as they are Greek Orthodox Christians.

OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship)

Website: www.ocf.net
Facebook Name: OCF – Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Charlotte, NC
Meetings: Monthly at UNCC

“The mission of our local Charlotte Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) organization is to inspire area graduate and undergraduate college and university students, at UNCC and Queens College, to acquire greater self-knowledge and awareness of their relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and God, and with their fellowman.

We hope to encourage students to love, follow and be witnesses for Jesus Christ, wherever they may be, especially on their college and university campuses and while interacting with their classmates.

Our approach is to be present with them, pray with them, respond to their questions about their spiritual life and journey, suggest Orthodox Christian reading materials, make them aware of local service opportunities to put their faith into action, and provide them with the sacraments. Furthermore, we provide them with opportunities to connect with other college and university students from across the Holy Metropolis of Atlanta who are striving to do so.

OCF programs include visits to area colleges and universities, and participation in College Student Sunday (a Sunday in September), Campus Club Day (Fall Semester), College Conference (during Christmas break), Real Break (participation in a community service project as a healthy alternative to Spring Break), Day of Prayer (occurring on “Clean Monday” of Holy Lent), and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17).”

The effort we are undertaking is to establish chapters of OCF on the campuses of the Colleges and Universities in Charlotte. The goal is for the students to receive encouragement to keep the Lord in their school life and strengthen their spiritual lives with the discussions and fellowship at the gatherings with the Clergy of our Church.

When we hear of the statistics which indicate that 60% of the students, after their graduation from College, never return to their Church, this indicates the crucial role that the faith is playing for the students during their academic years. Also these statistics describe the good opportunity to bring to our Faith students who like to make our Church their home and on the other hand we understand the danger of our Orthodox students to be converted to another faith. This concept and reality urges us to establish OCF Chapters in the Schools.

Goya Forms

Any form needed on Goya trips and activities can be found here:

Goya Code of Conduct