“In whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.”

Ephesians 2:21-22

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral

The Orthodox Church makes no sharp distinction in its worship between the spiritual and the aesthetic. One becomes aware of God’s presence through the senses, in the experience of “splendor” and “beauty.”

In the Orthodox Church, the altar is the main focus. It is separated from the rest of the Church by an icon screen, called the iconostasis. Centrally located in the altar is the altar table which holds the Eucharist and the Book of the Gospels. In the Orthodox Church, the altar is considered the “holy of holies” since this is where the Holy Mysteries are celebrated.

The main part of every Orthodox Church is known as the nave. It is here that the faithful gather for worship, the icons are available for veneration, the singers, readers and chanters fulfill their functions. Overhead in the highest, most central dome represents the heavens and contains an icon of Christ. Iconography is very prevalent in the Orthodox Church and depicts many scenes from the Holy Bible. Finally, the third part of every Orthodox Church is the vestibule, or narthex. Traditionally this “entryway” into the Church is somewhat larger than in the ancient Orthodox Churches throughout the world. The vestibule serves as a transition area between “the world” and “the Kingdom.”

Father “C” Hall

The Father “C” Hall and related facilities are owned and operated as an integral part of the ministries of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and are subject to the traditions, dogmas and Holy Canons of the Greek Orthodox Faith.

Rental of Hall
We reserve the right to reject any request for the use of any such facilities. In addition, any uses that violate any applicable laws, ordinances, regulations or statutes are expressly prohibited.

Our Campus

The Holy Trinity campus includes:

The Cathedral, including a new Chapel
Father ‘C’ Hall which includes:

  • Administrative offices
  • Large multi-purpose room/gym
  • Full service kitchen
  • Classrooms for Sunday School and Preschool
  • Library

Cathedral and Courtyard Renovation
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Visit our Cathedral and experience the beauty of the Divine Liturgy.