To join a ministry simply fill out a pledge card selecting the ministries that you wish to participate in and submit the pledge card to the Holy Trinity office.

Education Culture and Youth Diakonia Commettee

The Education, Culture and Youth Diakonia Committee is a steering committee established under the guidelines of The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta. Our primary goal: to assist the Priests and the Parish Council in improving the organization of our church community. The Education, Culture and Youth Diakonia Committee will function in much the same way as the Board of Education does in our public schools; that is, the committee will develop programs and policies and provide the means to assist the Priests, Parish Council, teachers, youth advisors and volunteers in our community.

Short Term Goals:

  • Assist with updating the parish master calendar for each ecclesiastical year.
  • Maintaining communication with all ministries of Holy Trinity.
  • Quarterly meetings consisting of all ministry chairpersons.
  • Each ministry or committee shall submit an outline describing Purpose, Goals & Mission statement.
  • Calendar of events or fundraisers (to be included in master calendar).

Long Term Goals:

  • Define and evaluate the educational, cultural and youth related needs of our church community.
  • To promote an efficient and organized church structure through communication and technology.