All young boys from the 3rd grade till 12th grade that wish to help serve in the Holy Altar under the guidance of the Priest. Please reference the Bi-Weekly Bulletin for the schedule at


Helping the Priests with the responses and other hymns during the church Services. Usually these persons have musical abilities that inspire the congregation.

Holy Trinity Choir

Holy Trinity Cathedral Choir serves for both Sunday Liturgies through its 2 adult choral ensembles. Both choirs sing in Greek and English. Most recently, a choir comprised of HOPE/JOY age children has been formed to sing during the Children’s Liturgy and other services throughout the year.

First Service Choir (Early Sunday Morning Liturgy)

This group sings and chants the early morning Liturgy bilingually with emphasis on English as its primary language.

Rehearsals are held every Monday between 7:00-8:30pm.

Second Service Choir (Later Sunday Morning Liturgy)

This group sings and chants the later morning Liturgy bilingually with emphasis on Greek as its primary language. In addition, this ensemble sings for all other services throughout the Liturgical Year. They also perform annually at the Yiasou Greek Festival and for the Cathedral’s Christmas Program. Rehearsals are held every Thursday between 7:15-8:45pm.

Children’s Choir (Open to all Sunday School students)

This group of elementary and middle school-age children learns about the hymns of our faith during the academic year and sings during the Children’s Liturgy.

Everyone is invited to become members of the choirs. No previous musical experience is required and there is no audition for membership.

Narthex Committee

Composed of Parish council members and other Lay members of the Church willing to help in the Narthex to ensure an orderly worship service by guiding the parishioners into the Church and helping the Priest as needed.

Prosfora Committee

This wonderful group of ladies provides the Prosfora (church bread) to the Church when it is needed. They prepare and bake Prosfora in our Church Kitchen.