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FOS Classes

As Christians we want to cultivate our lives by following our Savior as the Fathers and the Saints did. In FOS we learn of the specific ways our Church has taught to bring to us Christ transforming Christian ways ever present in His Orthodox Church. The twelve feast days of the Lord, the Beatitudes, the social issues of euthanasia, abortion, married life, parenting, along with topics of forming our spiritual ways in reference to our every day spiritual discipline are just a few topics we discuss in these weekly gatherings on Wednesday evenings. Sometimes connected with the FOS, “Forever Young” or youth gatherings we invite Guest Speakers who offer their professional knowledge on specific topics which they have requested to present and discuss with us.

In FOS series we have also touched on Liturgical and Sacramental topics. Moreover we explore topics of how to manage our thoughts to be Christ-like, how to deal with passions (ego, pride, creed, jealousy, criticism, gossip, flesh, hypocrisy, apathy) and how to expend on virtues (love, joy, respect, encouragement, forgiveness, charity, caring for the needy, the homebound, the sick and the suffering). In fact we explore all the specific ways of our lives in order for us to have a Christ centered life and use the right tools to progress and attain the goal of the “likeness” and theosis.

Adult Bible Classes

The mission and goal of the class is to learn and implement the Word of God in our people’s lives. The ever powerful, contemporary and life changing messages of each book of the Bible became for the generations of Christians the foundation to build their lives in piety, love for Christ and obedience to His Word to spiritually attain and fulfill the objective of forming and shaping their lives in Christ the Savior.

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Hosanna Bookstore

Store Hours: Sundays after Liturgy.
Phone: 704-333-4961
Located: On the same level of the office, Classroom wing

Hosanna Spirit of Orthodoxy Bookstore is a ministry of our Church that aims to educate our Greek Orthodox community and make Orthodoxy available to the greater Charlotte community. The Bookstore specializes in Orthodox religious items like books, icons, and incense. Orthodox Christian books about the following topics are available:

  • Biblical studies
  • Fathers of the church
  • History
  • Iconography
  • Lives of the saints
  • Theology

The Hosanna Bookstore also carries children’s books about our faith in both Greek and English, as well as liturgical books in Arabic, Russian, Serbian, and more. Any Orthodox Christian book or icon can be special ordered! Other items available at the Bookstore:

  • Baptismal crosses
  • Censors
  • Charcoal
  • Children’s Books and Games
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Icons of any saint
  • Incense from Greece
  • Oil lamps
  • Pictures, Posters and Postcards
  • Prayer ropes
  • Silver icons