The Greek Orthodox Ladies’ Philoptochos Society is the right hand of the church. The Society’s main mission is philanthropy and communal outreach. All Orthodox Christian women over the age of 18 who are members of the parish are strongly encouraged to become Philoptochos members. Members in good standing meet a minimal annual stewardship obligation to the organization.

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Our mission is to identify and organize mission opportunities and service projects that will foster and build parish involvement to address the needs of our city, country and world. Missions will be met through organized trips, which through service will bring the love and gospel of Christ to specific mission destinations. (Guatemala orphanage, Project Mexico, Kenya Orphanage, etc.); as well as programs that help the needy, hurting and desperate. (Soup Kitchens, Clothing & Food Banks, homeless, etc.). We also would like to create opportunities of Outreach in our city to bring into the Church the unchurched; those who may seek to find the true Church of Christ and make the necessary appeals to the public on our Orthodox faith and original Christian Church which historically started in 33AD.