“Orthodoxy 101: The Basics and Beyond”

Beginning Sunday, January, 12, 2020, after the English Divine Liturgy (9:45-10:30 AM) in the Library, join Father Jonathan for an opportunity to learn more about the Orthodox Faith. The class is open to anyone who is interested—inquirers and Orthodox faithful. We will discuss a wide variety of topics including theology, spirituality, Church history, liturgy, the place of scripture, saints, iconography, etc. Each week will be its own topic. So, if you cannot commit to joining us for every meeting you do not have to feel like you have missed something. We will post the topics ahead of time, so you can choose the topics that are of interest to you—or come to each knowing what to expect!

Our first topic is, “2000 Years in 45 Minutes: A Crash Course in Orthodox Christian History.”

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