Welcoming Committee

It is said that within five minutes of entering the Church building, people have decided whether they will come back. Reaching out to those who enter our doors with a sincere handshake, greeting and a welcoming smile could be the most important missionary work we do. Friendliness has eternal implications and our Committee is here to Welcome All who enter Holy Trinity. If you are outgoing, friendly and have a good knowledge of our Church, then this is the place for you! Check welcoming committee on your 2012 stewardship card and someone will contact you soon with more information.

GOSA (Greek Orthodox Senior Association)

The purpose of the GOSA association is to provide a haven for seniors to meet, socialize and participate in planned activities established for Church parishioners age 55 and over. The association has been active for nine years and meets each Thursday morning from 10am-12pm at the Church Senior Center building.

Please Note: GOSA in Greek reads as follows: “ELLINIKOS ORTHODOXOS SINDESMOS PRESVITERON” Ελληνικός Ορθόδοξος Σύνδεσμος Πρεσβυτέρων.

Forever Young

Ms. Maria Katopodis

The Forever Young group is for people in our community, 55 years old and above. The group meets on the last Thursday of each month from 5:00pm-7:30pm in our Holy Trinity Social Room. The turnout is very good every month, with fun, good food, and fellowship. This is a wonderful organization for our Seniors in their golden years to come together once a month to have a meal, hear a speaker and have fellowship with each other. Many times this is the only opportunity for the seniors to see one another. Usually the guest speaker has been invited to make a short presentation on a topic related to our seniors.

HTFG (Holy Trinity Fellowship Group)

This group is formed of young married couples. They have monthly gatherings for fellowship and learning of a Christian married life and how to integrate the Christian principles to become even closer with the Lord and with each other.
The goal of this group is to make the bond of love between the spouses strong and the commitment to each other and to the Lord to be enhanced. The clear purpose of the gatherings is to underline and understand the responsibility we have to help our spouse enjoy the journey of married life which must end up in the Kingdom of the Lord.

Some topics include: Communication, prayer, dealing with conflict, liturgical and scripture awareness along with lives of holy married couples of our Church.

HTFG meets monthly, for the latest event, please visit the Cathedral Calendar