Registration closes on March 1, 2019. Late fees (2x) will apply after March 1st.
For questions, please email Stacie Peroulas at

Please indicate the program for which you are registering:
Competitive (Hellenic Dance Festival and Yiasou Festival – Rising grades 4-12)
Exhibition (Yiasou Festival and Community Events – Rising grades K-12)

Competitive Program (Includes HDF, Yiasou Festival, Community Events): $150 per dancer
Exhibition (Yiasou Festival, Community Events): $25 per dancer
*If you find cost prohibitive, please speak confidentially with the priest, youth director, or board member.

Important Program Notes

• Fees are non-refundable.
• Non-refundable fees if not a member in good standing of Holy Trinity Charlotte: Competitive: $300 per dancer, Exhibition: $50 per dancer.
• HDF 2020 will be held January 17-20 in Orlando, Florida. Yiasou Festival will be held September 5-8, 2019.
• For HDF participants in grades 4 – 6, parents must accompany dancers to Orlando. Older dancers will be chaperoned.
• The above dues do not include HDF total fees – dancers can expect to pay an estimated $400 to participate in HDF (~$219 Metropolis event fees plus hotel and travel costs).
• Competitive classes will be held primarily on Sunday afternoons weekly in May, September, October, November, December, and once a month in June and August. Second weekly session will be added in November and additional sessions can be expected in the final weeks of preparation before HDF. Exhibition classes (10 total) will be held weekly in June and August (Sundays for grades 9-12, Mondays for K-8).
• Competitive participants (Grades 4-12) are strongly encouraged and expected to attend the Anoixi workshop weekend in Charlotte, NC (March 1-3, 2019). Program fees cover the cost of Anoixi registration! There will be age appropriate hours and material offered for the younger dancers.

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