Experiences During Divine Liturgy

This coming Monday, October 15 at 6:00 PM we will start exploring our NEW BOOK at our Mondays evening BOOK CLUB. The Tittle of the book is “Experiences during Divine Liturgy” and it is written by Fr. Stephanos Anagnostopoulos.

The book provides in depth, yet easy to understand, commentary on the entire Divine Liturgy, based on the writings of the Holy Fathers along with actual events and experiences of Priests, Monks and lay People of our time. For example. There was a Priest and as he was offering Holy Communion to the Parishioners one of the Parishioners was sick and that made the Priest not wanting to consume the remaining Holy Communion at the end of the Divine Liturgy. He waited until everyone had left the Church and then he threw away the remaining Holy Communion into the sink in the Alter. As he was throwing the Holy Communion into the sink, instead of pieces of bread and wine coming out of the Holy Chalice, real pieces of fresh flesh and blood came out…… The rest of the story you will have to read it at the Book Club!

This book is full of true stories like the one above. I’m sure that it will make a huge impact to the way you will be attending Church Services and the way you will be observing Divine Liturgy.

If you are interested in joining our book club please email me at FrVasileios@htgo.org. This way you are helping us to provide enough books for all of the participants.

You can purchase the book at our Cathedral Bookstore on Sunday after Church Services or at the beginning of our first meeting. The cost is $45.00 and the book has more than 500 pages.

Wishing you and yours a very blessed Week.

In the Service and Love of our Lord,

+Rev. Fr. Vasileios Tsourlis, Dean